May 11, 2007

Gag me with a spoon and then hand me the paper towel please

Monumental event in the household yesterday - da boys first hairball!

du du DUUUHHH!!!

It was delivered at around 5:30 pm, courtesy of Ripley.

And it was delivered directly onto the carpet, as required per Calgary cat bylaw. Being his first, he neglected to back up during the act of depositing so that he could drag the gift across said carpet. I'm sure he'll get good at that with practice.

So, I can add now these little gifts to the barf deposits of late - the barfs are mostly courtesy of Midge, the bulimic cat who eats his dry food so fast that he throws it up immediately. I am currently giving him minuscule amounts of it spaced out over a period of time. It's actually quite disgusting watching him eat that fast.

Sort of like me with a box of 6 Cinnabons. The large ones.