February 10, 2008

You go girl!!

Sheesh, I must be the world's biggest sap.

I just saw Amy Winehouse performing on the Grammys (live via satellite from London) and at the end of the performance I was bawling like a baby.

She not only sounded great, but she looked great (I read she went to the dentist yesterday and had a crown fitted so she's lost that gap-toothed crack addict look). Other than being painfully thin, she looked healthy and made some great, playful eye contact with the camera.

It was at the end when she said thanks and that she was honored to be able to perform, that I started crying. I just wish her all the best and I hope she can successfully overcome her drug problems. I think she is an extremely talented young woman.

p.s. Tina Turner can STILL ROCK IT!! She looks a bit like my mom 10-15 years ago (if she was into the rock and roll).

p.p.s. I LOVE Andy Williams. How great to see him tonight!