May 10, 2008

What a nut job

[Did I not post this already?? Apparently I forgot to. It's old now, but the videos are still hilarious]

If you haven't seen the Tom Cruise video, you HAVE to watch it because it's so bizarre you'll think these parodies are exaggerating. Scarily enough they are not.

My Stitch n' Bitch friends brought these to my attention.

Tom Cruise's Scientology Video from The Late Late Show

Jerry O'Connell In Tom Cruise Video Spoof

May 8, 2008

Jason booted off AI

He should have laid off the ganja.

Although, who knows. It doesn't really look like pot smoke in the infamous picture (which I won't post here but you can see it here.

I liked Jason - what a great smile. In fact, I'm going to grab my review of American Idol from the Habesha Child blog and post it here, it was that clever long and I'm that lazy:

David Cook? Needs a bath and a shave. Plus I DO NOT find him original. AT ALL. Waste of space. He needs to shut up.

David Archuleta? He’s a mere puppy. He sings like he still needs to hit puberty. Plus, I could not listen to a whole CD of him breathing his way through one ballad after another. Waste of space. *yawn*

Syesha? Good voice but not great. I find her the least offensive of the bunch. Plus, I LOVED that orange dress she wore Tuesday night. LOVE. IT.

Jason? He was very nice to look at - beautiful, infectious smile. I think he was happy to go, though. He had a nice but not very powerful voice. Not enough range, I’m afraid. He should talk to Whoopie’s stylist about trimming the dreds.

Overall, this season of AI is a snorefest. After the departures of Michael Johns and then Brooke White, I just couldn’t be arsed to watch.

The finale will be about as thrilling as the one where Taylor Hicks won.

SOUL PATROL!! my bleedin' foot!