June 3, 2008

Because I knew there would be some fine specimens here

and I needed wanted a distraction tonight, I clicked on this link:

AfterElton.com's Hot 100 for 2008!

James Franco (#99) - don't know who he is, but he's darn cute in a John Taylor of Duran Duran sort of way.
Hayden Christensen (#98)
Jake Shears (#91) - love his voice
Patrick Dempsey (#55)
James McAvoy (#45)
Hugh Jackman (#28)
Christian Bale (#26)
Luke MacFarlane (#3) - who dis? He's cute!
John Barrowman (#2) - again I ask who dis? Nice eyes!

Don't get it:
Matthew McConaughey (#92) - I would give him the shirt off my back. Seriously. Put it on, man.
Adam Levine (#81) - puh-LEEZE!
Shia LaBeouf (#79) - who took this picture? That's just nasty, that.
David Beckham (#12) - he's very cute...until he opens his mouth. Shame really.
Jake Gyllenhaal (#1) - number 1? Really??

I must admit, I don't know who half these men boys are. Most of them are young enough to be my younger brother.

I don't know why THIS fine gent wasn't on the list:

Yes, that's Billy "fcukin' " Idol. Still a badass at 52. And still sex on legs. Aged to a fine vintage like good wine. Yum.


Tanya said...

HA HA Excellenet take on the list!! I agree! I agree!

haze said...

LOL!! Glad you enjoyed it, Tanya :-)

Ranavan said...

I love Shia LeBeouf but that is a really bad photo of him..if I was ummmm..well...alot younger I would totally move to Hollywood and stalk him...

Billy Idol is soooooooooo hot!!!!

haze said...

Shia LeBeouf? Really? Maybe if I could pronounce his name :-P

Poppy and Peony said...

You lost me @ James McAvoy -- I need to blog about him sometime...!

John Barrowman is a man from US (although his parents are Scottish) who lives in England and is very involved in west end musicals/theater here.

haze said...

I sense a post about a chance encounter with James in some trendy London eatery. I'm jealous at the thought.