June 10, 2008

More than meets the eye

I just heard about this tonight on The Colbert Report. I thought it was a joke so I Googled "Megatron airport."

The story is true. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Dangerous New Global Terrorist Group Identified


New group targeted by Western governments as Al Qaeda fades into the background

Steve Watson
Monday, June 2, 2008

A dangerous new terrorist group has been identified by the governments of the Western world who fear it already has operatives all over the globe and is an imminent threat to security.

The new group has been identified as the "T-shirt wearing terrorists".

I jest of course, the government has not identified a new axis of evil that will keep you scrubbing at your soiled underwear for another few years. However, federal officials, police and security guards the world over continue to harass and arrest innocent people going about their daily business for wearing what are deemed to be "offensive" or "threatening" t-shirts.

The latest case was reported in the British press today.

An airline passenger has claimed that a security guard threatened to arrest him because he was wearing a T-shirt showing a cartoon robot with a gun.

Brad Jayakody, 30, from London, said he was stopped from passing through security at Heathrow's Terminal 5 after his Transformers T-shirt was deemed 'offensive.'

Mr Jayakody said the first guard started joking with him about the Transformers character depicted on his French Connection T-shirt.

'"Then he explains that since Megatron is holding a gun, I'm not allowed to fly,' he said.

Another potential terrorist was apprehended when a lawyer was arrested and charged with trespassing at a public mall in the state of New York after refusing to take off a T-shirt he had just purchased at the mall bearing the words "Give Peace A Chance".

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